Let’s Have a Look at Ganoderma Species 

How many Ganoderma Species are there?

Let's Have a Look at Ganoderma Species
Although there are more than 2000 species known by Reishi, only six of them have been studied enough to see the potential health benefits: red, black, blue, yellow and purple. Of these six, red and black Reishi has shown the most important health improvement effects and thus represent the most used species in the international supplement market. However, red Reishi has proven to be most effective in improving the overall health status by strengthening the immune system and vital organs.
Reishi purple
Black Reishi (Ganoderma Sinensis) is quite common and can be found in most Chinese herb stores. The vast majority of Reishi-based products that mention in the composition “wild Reishi” (wild Reishi) generally use black Reishi. Although it possesses moderate qualities as a herbal tonic, black Reishi is considered to be inferior to red, especially due to its low polysaccharide content.
Reishi purple
Reishi purple grows in Chang Bai mountains, northern North Korea and China’s
Jilin province. It is a very rare species and very similar in appearance to the red Reishi, but having a purple colour in the upper area of ​​the fungus. Due to its rarity, a small number of researches have been carried out on its beneficial effects.


The high content of polysaccharides from red Reishi is an important element in the efficiency of red Reishi. However, due to extreme environmental conditions and vulnerability to pollution, disease and infestation by insects, the number of quality red Reishi specimens that can reach full maturity in the wild is very low.
red reishi
Red Reishi – Ganoderma Lucidum
There are lots of Ganoderma Species available especially with Red Reishi.
As a consequence, 30 years ago, scientists and farmers began domestic cultivation experiments for mass production. Since then, Japanese producers, in particular, have earned their reputation for growing the highest quality Red Reishi, due in particular to the strict rules imposed by the Japanese government.